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Medicare Open Enrollment is Starting Soon!

Here are some helpful resources to assist you in choosing the right Medicare healthcare coverage for 2022!

Medicare's open enrollment period is beginning on October 15, 2021 and coming to an end on December 7, 2021. Have you reviewed your plan to find the best option to fit your healthcare needs? Enrollees get to decide if Traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage is best for their health needs. This does not apply to Medigap or Medicare supplement plans but provides an opportunity to change options related to Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D drug plans for 2022. This is especially critical with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the effect it can have on the health of senior citizens.

The many Medicare options can be confusing but there are a lot of informative websites to help you navigate and confidently choose the best health coverage to best fit your needs.

Do you need help in understanding the different parts of Medicare's coverage options? AARP has broken it down to make it easier to understand HERE.

You can review Medicare coverage options using the Medicare Healthcare Plan Coverage Finder or by calling 1-800-MEDICARE.

My Medicare Matters is a tool provided by NCOA to help you make an informed decision.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic you should expect delays so be sure to make any changes as soon as possible.


If you need FREE assistance looking for senior living options in N.E. Florida feel free to reach us anytime at 904-234-4821 or email or visit us online HERE.

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